The Cerebrovascular Health Laboratories within the McCance Center for Brain Health, Department of Neurology of MGH and BWH, and Center for Genomic Medicine at MGH is looking for a highly motivated individual with a background in genetics and/or data sciences to perform cutting-edge research utilizing genetic, epidemiological, and imaging data assembled from human subjects. Receiving general direction from Dr. Rosand, Dr. Anderson, Dr. Biffi and the Senior Research Lab Manager, the incumbent will work in the fields of complex disease genetics and bioinformatics to perform genetic and other analyses which include, but are not limited to; common and rare variant association testing, multivariate model-building using genetic and phenotypic data, sequencing and GWAS quality control and data harmonization, meta-analyses, prediction modeling, and genome annotation.  2-year minimum commitment is required.

If interested in applying for this position, please email your CV/resume to