Our Team

Jonathan Rosand, MD, MSc

Principal Investigator

A full list of publications from Dr. Rosand can be found here.

Email: info@strokegenomics.org

Chris Anderson, MD, MMSc

Principal InvestigatorĀ 

A full list of publications from Dr. Anderson’s can be found here.

Email: info@strokegenomics.org

Nirupama Yechoor, MD

Principal Investigator

Email: info@strokegenomics.org

Christina Kourkoulis

Senior Research Lab Manager for the RosAnderson Lab and Aging and Brain Health Research Group.

Phone: 617-726-5358
Fax: 617-643-3293
Email: info@strokegenomics.org

Akashleena Mallick, MD

Research Fellow, 2021-current


Natalie Zaba, BA

Clinical Research Coordinator II, 2022-current


Leidys Gutierrez Martinez, MD MSc

Research Fellow, 2022-current


Taylor McVeigh, BS

Clinical Research Coordinator I, 2022-current


Samantha Mora, BA


Clinical Research Data Manager, 2022-current


Sanjula Singh, MD, PhD


Research Fellow 2022-current


Mary Craven, MSc


Clinical Research Coordinator II, 2023-current


Jasper Senff, MD


Research Fellow 2023-current


Anna Chen, BA

Clinical Research Coordinator, 2023-current


Tanzeela Ranman, BS

Project Manager 2023-current


Tamara Kimball, MD


Research Fellow, 2023-current


Reiner Tack, MD

Research Fellow, 2023-current


Katelin Sherman, BS

Clinical Research Coordinator II 2024-current